My Plan to Survive the Holidays, Well Balanced

There is this misconception out there that those in the health industry eat healthy foods 100% of the time, never skip a workout, and always have it together.  I’m here to tell you that is the furthest from the truth.  I am 100% imperfect.  And I am 100% okay with it.  However, I do try, and I try hard, to stay balanced so that I don’t totally lose my mind (🤣).  I laugh, but it’s the truth.  In fact, last week I enjoyed a slice of pumpkin pie one day and cheesecake the next 😲 But I’m okay with it, because it’s all in the name of balance.  Right?

With the holidays upon us there is going to be a lot for this mama to do: shopping, gift giving, gift wrapping, baking, put up all the decorations, school projects and parties for the kiddos, some travel, Christmas cards, the annual calendar for the grandparents, teaching the kiddos to part with the ‘older toys’ and clothes by giving them to a good cause; all while I maintain a business, run a home, drive the kids to their activities, etc. etc. etc.  If you’re a mama like me, you totally understand where I’m coming from.

It would be totally easy for me to say “Screw it!” I might as well just succumb to it and worry about everything else later.  Granted there are times for that….but this is not one of them.  And that’s why its called balance, because it’s not ALL IN or ALL OUT but rather a little give and a little take.  So here are my steps for making sure I don’t totally fall apart (in more ways than one).

  1. I’LL KEEP MY PERSONAL TIME:  If there’s one thing I know, my personal time keeps me sane.  And when I say personal time, I mean my daily meditation and movement.  That five minutes in the morning keeps me focused on what’s most important in my world.  That movement makes me feel alive, alert, confident and strong.  Some of that movement will be gym time and Piyo time, but when that’s not possible due to the schedule or sheer lack of will I will always make time to take a walk or stretch.  I know for me, the reasons to keep these appointments with myself far outweigh the excuses to skip them.

  2. I WON’T GET SUCKED IN TO THE SOCIAL MEDIA HYPE: Guilty.  Full on guilty.  I can easily get sucked into the stories of other people’s lives. So much so I forget to live my own!  I get distracted and suddenly I realize ten minutes has gone by and I could have been doing something else entirely, like call a friend and wish them a very Merry Christmas, watch my children play, or write a blog!  For that reason, I’ve set limits on my phone! I have exactly 30 minutes a day to spend on social media and when it kicks me off, I know I’m done – time to look up and live with what’s in front of me.  PLUS, most of my apps won’t even turn on until 7 am and then they turn off at 7 pm.  Putting down your phone can free up a lot of time 😉

  3. I’LL SAY NO (AND YES): Let me explain.  The holidays are filled with tons of invitations.  Would you like to come to this party?  Would you like this plate of cookies? What would you like to bring to the office holiday potluck? Would you like to be in charge of the class party?  Can I use your truck to pick up my Christmas tree?   Knowing which invitations to say yes (or no) to is a matter of listening.  More than likely your heart will tell you.  Ever say YES to something all while thinking “I really don’t want to do this” …instead just say no, politely.  Personally, I like to say yes to the things that fill my soul or will fill others; like time with close friends and family or volunteering for my kids ‘school parties.  I say NO to the invitations that won’t bring me delight and might take away from my personal time.  As for the cookies?  It’s hard to say no to a cookie 😍, so I’ll say yes once a week, okay maybe twice……. But I won’t say yes every time AND I WON’T BEAT MYSELF UP when I do.

  4. I’LL REMEMBER IT’S A SEASON:  This time doesn’t last all year.  That’s why it is called the holiday season.  Remembering that its short lived helps me focus on what’s most important.  Like the fact that my kids won’t believe in Santa Clause forever.  I must remind myself not to take these moments for granted, because they really are fleeting.  And that bite I take out of Santa’s cookies brings my kids pure joy!  And that’s it really - this is a season of joy and if I can find joy in everything I do, even the small stuff, then everything else will just feel right.  And when things fall apart? I’ll remind myself not to take it so seriously.  Like when the grumpy shoppers in the store get cranky at me…. Totally not worth the spike in blood pressure.

What is your favorite way to stay balanced during the holidays? Comment below!