My 19 for 2019

One of my favorite podcasts is Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and her sister Elizabeth Craft.  The reason I love this podcast so much is because of how real and relate-able these women are to me in my life right now.  And even though the podcast talks about several different subjects all of it stems from how to make our lives happier; realizing that what motivates us intrinsically can affect the zillion different ways we approach an area in our lives.  And no, one way, is right or wrong.  What matters most is what works best for us and those we care about.  But also, they talk about everything with a loving-light-hearted-willing-to-laugh at it sense of humor.  Which I totally appreciate!

In 2018 they came up with the 18 for 2018 (which I didn’t do….) but I did do an 18 for Summer 2018 with the kiddos which worked out well for us!!  So, this year, I’m taking a year to focus on my top 19 for 2019 (with a few bonus items).  The idea is not to just focus on ONE new year’s resolution, but rather a lot of different things, that would increase my overall happiness in the long run.  And although this is a “health and wellness” blog, this list doesn’t include a lot of health specific issues.  Because, if I’m being totally honest, I spent most of 2018 focusing on those things.  A blog which I plan to write about soon.

And let me tell you.  I thrive on a good list.  Having thought about the list and actually writing down the list is enough to make me try a little harder to do these things.  And some may seem simple, others more like work, but I think all of them will bring a sense of joy in some sort of fashion or another.  And even if I only do half of what’s on the list, that’s still a lot.  I thought sharing my list with you might spark you to do your own.  If so, will you share in the comments one or two items you might put on your list?

Here’s what I have for now.  But I reserve the right to make changes because as we all know…balance is ever changing and sometimes we need to make adjustments to change with it.

My 19 for 2019

1.      Once a month date night

2.      Monthly adventures as a family

3.      Figure out how to get my blog more traffic

4.      Clean out the garage

5.      De-clutter every closet in the house

6.      Blog once a week

7.      Get the kids a set of passports

8.      Meet Andy for lunch 2x/month

9.      Start education for personal training certification

10.   Individual girl days with my daughters

11.   Write a novel or another children’s book

12.   Have a girl weekend with my friends

13.   Buy a bike so that we can go on rides as a family

14.   Have a 40th birthday celebration

15.   Make G and K photobooks of “when they were babies”

16.   Add a recipes section to my website

17.   Find a functional medicine doctor and/or homeopathic doctor

18.   Buy a new pair of Nikes

19.   Host a special Piyo event


20.   Start virtual Piyo classes

21.   Do a bible study/devotional study with friends

22.   Help my parents make a “Facts about Life” book

23.   Fill my Piyo class spots weekly

24. Go on a hike (or 3!)

25. Help 5 people reach their fitness and nutrition goals