Food Favorites

Oh man, what a week it’s been!  You know the week, when the family gets sick like a stack of dominoes.  Except mom is holding on…she refuses to get sick!  Or maybe just doesn’t want to admit that maybe she caught a little something too.  It happens to everyone.  Despite our best efforts to keep them healthy, they get sick.  And sometimes, we get sick too, because we’ve been up all-night taking care of them.  That’s life.  But it also had me reaching for my favorite foods when we’ve got this, whatever it is, going around.  And then I thought why not share ALL my current food favorites with you?

The foods I’m about to share with you are items I try my best to ALWAYS keep in stock.  In addition to those whole foods you know I love (i.e. fruits, veggies, proteins, healthy fats).  I buy in bulk when available.  So here you go!

First food favorite that I use ALL the time?  Bone broth!  What’s the rage about bone broth specifically?  Well, for starters, the gelatin it contains strengthens your joints, improves your digestion, and helps your body absorb protein more efficiently.  In addition, this super food offers the benefits of meat without all the bulk because the proteins are in liquid form your body can absorb them quickly; If you have leaky gut, the gelatin in bone broth helps plug the holes in your intestines better than anything else; It aids your digestion and nutrient absorption; It’s a natural detoxifier, cleanses your liver, fights chronic disease, and fights the aging process; Last but not least - it’s warm, hearty, and comfort food you can cook with it in place of water. And if you ask me, it’s way better than a protein powder because it’s REAL FOOD.   The reason I like this brand is because I can buy it in bulk at Costco AND it doesn’t contain sugar.  When you buy broth look at the ingredients – many brands will add sugar, but it’s not needed.  I use my broth in sauces, in rice, in chili, to sip in a cup, when making a quick chicken soup, or when a crockpot recipe calls for broth, this is what I use, even in place of vegetable broth!


My next food favorite?  Oats!  To be specific, gluten free organic oats.  The best part about oats is that they are a great source of prebiotics. Prebiotics give the good bacteria in your gut something to eat. The more prebiotics you eat the more healthy gut bacteria want to grow and multiply. Everyone is always talking about probiotics, but the truth is that prebiotics are equally if not more important. So I know I want this as a regular food in my cycle. My favorite brand right now is Bob’s Red Mill.  I love that they have a giant bulk bag and that it’s organic and gluten free!  I don’t have a sensitivity to gluten that I know of, however, I find that when it comes to oats specifically, I digest them better when they are gluten free. I also find that I can’t sit and have a bowl of oats like others.   It leaves me bloated and completely slows down my digestive tract.  However, when I cook with them, I have no problems at all!!  I turn my oats into oat flour and use them in muffins and cookies and of course, you know how much I love my granola!! 


Nut butter!  Oh how I love a good nut butter!  Almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter, any nut in any butter!  It makes any food taste better!  Especially since it tastes so good by itself!  Plus, it’s a great dose of healthy fats! The trick to a good nut butter though is finding one with the simplest of ingredients.  So many peanut butters on the shelves contain added sugars, vegetable oils, and preservatives – all of which can leave our bodies feeling blah.  I am so glad we made the switch!  And my favorite lately is this marvelous peanut butter from Costco.  Two ingredients: roasted peanuts and sea salt.  You need to stir it and keep it in your fridge after opening it, but it’s worth the extra effort folks.  The fact that I can buy it in bulk makes me happy because we eat a lot of it!  It goes great in smoothies, cookies, and sprouted grain toast! Or, just off the spoon!


I have developed a trust and love for the food company Primal Kitchen.  It’s probably dangerous how much trust I have in this company, but they have it.  In a world where everyone is trying to eat more whole foods and less processed Primal Kitchen has made it their focus to provide condiments (and other foods) that don’t contain all the yuck.  Admittedly, I find their brand a little on the expensive side.  And I wish they had a bulk option.  However, I find it is totally worth every penny.  My kids love ketchup, and they love Primal Kitchen ketchup – and guess what – it doesn’t contain any sugar!  We also love they’re avocado mayo and mustard.  I have recommended their collagen to clients.  I wish more brands would follow suit, because as much as I love real food, I also love a good condiment on my burger.  I have yet to see an organic Primal Kitchen product, but I bet they are working on it.


Sometimes I wish we lived on a farm or ranch or just somewhere without an HOA so that I could raise some chickens.  Because honestly, the food we eat the most around this house is eggs.  Eggs are packed with good for you vitamins, the raise your good cholesterol (HDL) and contain all the essential amino acids you need. The most economical eggs I’ve found are at Costco and they have some pretty good eggs.  But the ones I love the most are these right here.  Organic Valley omega-3 free range organic XL eggs.  They are so big, and you can taste the goodness.  Plus, for whatever reason, they are the same price as the large eggs.  I haven’t seen these anywhere else besides Whole Foods.  I’ve become such a lover of these eggs that I will shop at our local grocery store and then drive to Whole Foods just for their eggs.  Remember, when you are shopping for eggs organic, cage free, and free range all mean different things.


I could go on and on and in fact I had planned too, but I think I’ll save some of my other favorites for another day and leave you with one last food.  Avocado oil.  If you don’t have avocado oil in your house, I suggest you give it a try.  In fact, I keep three oils in my house – olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil.  While I sometimes cook with olive oil, I mostly use it as a drizzle or in dressings.  My coconut oil is used in some cooking but mostly in my baking.  My avocado oil, because it can withstand the high heat is used anytime, I’m frying something like eggs or potatoes, especially in my air fryer, and we have recently started using it when we grill something.  Avocado oil is mostly flavorless which is nice AND it’s not vegetable oil, which again, isn’t good for our insides.


Do you have any favorite food products?  Would love to hear from you!