Simple Green Breakfast Shake

I worked hard to come up with the right green shake that works for me.  I tried a lot of different combinations to get it right.  When I first started the shake was filled with a lot more sugar.  My pallet hadn’t quite transitioned yet, I was just starting to make green shakes that didn’t have any sort of protein powder in them (or other additive).  For awhile I used orange juice and mango to sweeten them up.  See, when you are trying to shift your taste buds to start liking the good stuff, you must sometimes trick yourself.  It’s all a process.  Eventually I took out the orange juice…thank goodness.  Believe it or not, orange juice is loaded with sugar.  Natural, yes, but one glass of orange juice is like eating a box full of oranges, and I’m guessing you would never do that.  Oranges are good, don’t get me wrong!  And a glass of o.j. every now and again certainly won’t hurt you…especially if it’s just a splash of it in your smoothie.  We just need to be aware, that the juice is just the sugars from the orange without the fiber and other nutrients you would get from eating the rest of the orange.  So, how are body uses it would be different than using the whole orange.  If you like things on the sweeter side, I like to suggest you add some orange zest or a few orange slices in if it helps!

Woah!  I got off on a tangent.  Anyway, I eventually also removed the mango, realizing that too much fruit first thing in the morning made my body a little shaky.  So, this green shake is heavy on the greens and healthy fat, and less on the sugars…but still easy to make and delicious.  But like I always say, try making it your own way!  Some may argue that there aren’t enough super foods in this to be considered a green shake…. they might be right.  But you can add, flax seed, hemp seed, or anything else you like…either way make it your way, this is just the way that works for me.  Plus, what they don’t know is that I often pair it with my homemade granola (made with oats and healthy nuts!) and I shared that recipe last week!

Which brings me to another point.  It’s best to eat your smoothie, not drink it.  So, add something chewy after the fact, like granola or even cacao nibs!  Your body wants to chew things, it starts digestion in the mouth!  So, if you aren’t chewing it, you won’t digest as well, leaving yummy nutrients to just go right through you.  So, if you don’t use a spoon, swish every sip in your mouth before you swallow.

Hope you like it!


Simple Green Breakfast Shake

Christina Fit and Balanced


1 medium-large ripe banana (frozen is always tastier, but not required)

1-2   handfuls – spinach or kale

1 - 1 ½ TBSP – All-natural peanut butter (no added sugars) or almond butter

1 handful - ice

Coconut/Almond Milk

Cooking Method:

Place everything but milk in blender (I use my nutribullet), then add milk till contents are about ½ covered. You may need to play with this a bit until you get the consistency you like. Blend. Enjoy!