Air Fryer Sweet Potatoes (with a kick)

I’ll be honest.  I don’t think I’d ever even eaten a sweet potato up until several years ago.  This just goes to show that changing your pallet is possible.  The old me would have never thought of sweet potatoes as an option – for anything!  And while the debate is out there whether potatoes are healthy or not, I’ll just add my few cents.

If it’s a real food, it’s a good food.  Plus, potatoes offer a variety of vitamins and minerals.  And if you are wondering whether sweet potatoes are better than that regular potato, they aren’t necessarily.   Here’s the scoop:

While sweet potatoes may have less “carbs,” the regular potato carries more protein.  While sweet potatoes carry an amazing amount of vitamin A, the regular potato carries more vitamin B6, B3, and B9. And while the sweet potato carries more manganese, the regular potato has more iron and potassium.  Even with all these slight differences they both offer good health.  More than anything, remember that variety is essential to good healthy.  So, change it up and enjoy every potato bite. 

AND, while some say it’s just too much carbs.  I say this.  Potatoes have what’s called resistance starch and fiber.  These two things together can help keep you fuller longer, create healthy gut bacteria, decrease inflammation, prevent toxins, increase mineral absorption, stimulate blood flow to the colon (never a bad thing!), increase nutrient circulation, and give you slow-burn energy.  So why not eat some potato with your eggs or dinner?

Just keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you should super-size those French fries!  Anything deep fried in vegetable oil is not going to serve you in the long run.  However, you can make some baked potato wedges at home, or try these sweet potatoes in the air fryer.  My kindergartner and I love them!  Plus, the spices give them a little kick and who doesn’t love that!


Air Fryer Sweet Potatoes (with a kick)

Christina Fit and Balanced



2 medium/large – sweet potatoes

½ -1 TBSP – garlic powder

1-2 TBSP – avocado oil

2 TSP – Chili powder

2 TSP – Coriander

Sprinkle – Sea Salt (optional)

Sprinkle - Paprika



Remove skin from sweet potatoes, then chop into small 1-inch cubes (estimating their size here folks).  Just do your best to make sure the cube sizes are roughly the same size.  Place into a large bowl.  Add oil and spices.  Stir/Mix potatoes with a spoon so that the potatoes are coated with oil and spices.  Add to your air fryer, cook at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes.  Go until it reaches your desired consistency, then enjoy!