Kid-Friendly Salad

Make sure you read the synopsis before you skip down to the good part, which is the recipe!  Mostly because as I’ve said before, and I’ll say it until everyone understands, recipes can be built to suit your individual needs, desires and tastes.  When I post a recipe it’s usually because we have tried it as a family several different times, several different ways, before it makes its way to the mass public.  This recipe has been through all those different strategies and come out with two thumbs up.  The only minor challenge is that we all like it a little different, but the core of it remains the same.  For lack of a more creative name, we call it T-A-C Salad.  In other words, Tomato-Avocado-Cucumber Salad. 

I am constantly trying to find different ways for the kids to eat more vegetables.  So far, the best way has been soup, you can hide a lot of different veggies in a soup that they don’t even know about.  But alas, our soup season in the southern Nevada desert is coming to an end.  The other way is tacos, my kids love making their own tacos and they usually load them up with every option placed on the table.  But, we can’t have tacos every night, or can we?  No, we should change it up.  So, what do I do for the summer?  T-A-C Salad, and lots of it!  Although, technically, the three main ingredients are ‘fruits’ I’ll just be happy they are getting some color and raw fiber into their insides.

Summer is tomato season.  If you notice, a tomato always tastes better in the summer, and you can usually find some heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market or the grocery store.  They will no doubt taste delicious.  In this recipe, I use grape tomatoes because the kids find them to be a novelty and more fun to eat, but you can just as easily dice up some roma, heirloom, or tomatoes on a vine.  Same goes for the cucumber.  I love English cucumber!  But those can be twice as expensive as a normal cucumber, so choose what works best for you.  Also, avocado amount is up to the chef, sometimes we only have one left in the house and I just go with it, but if we have two, my 8-year wants more!  Dressings are really your preference.  Our favorite is an apple cider vinegar Italian.  Now, there a so many fantastic benefits to apple cider vinegar just to mention a few: it can hep improve the function of your liver, kidneys, and bladder by breaking down fatty deposits, aids in lowering your blood pressure, improves blood sugar control, can help lower your bad cholesterol, support weight loss, and fight bad bacteria - all in all it is great for your digestive tract!


Onions contain powerful prebiotics that give your gut the good bacteria it needs to keep you healthy.

Christina Fit and Balanced

As for the adult add-ons.  When on hand I will dice up a red onion and green bell pepper and set it aside.  The adults usually like to sprinkle these ingredients on top after the salad has been made and is already served on their plates.  The kids appreciate when I keep it separate and everyone is happy.  This recipe makes enough for 4-6, with some possibly left over for the next day. And since the dressing contains lemon the avocado won’t brown overnight in the fridge.  Personally, it’s enough for me at dinner time (my dinners tend to be lighter than the rest of my meals).  However, depending on the night I will serve it with something else.  Want to make it super easy?  The kids love a chicken quesadilla served with this salad.  Or sometimes I will grab a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, and we will eat chicken and salad.  Other combinations we’ve enjoyed have been pita bread, turkey burger sliders, grilled sandwiches, or my new favorite acquired skill - chicken Katsu and rice.

So, without further or do, here’s the recipe!  Enjoy and please tag me or let me know if you enjoyed it!


Kid-Friendly Salad

Christina Fit and Balanced


2 Large English Cucumbers, chopped

1 PT grape tomatoes, chopped into quarters OR roughly 2 cups chopped tomato

1-2 avocados, chopped in cubes and removed from skin

Optional – ¼ red onion, diced (I usually just dice the whole onion and use it for other stuff later)

Optional – ¼ green bell pepper (also, usually just dice the whole thing and use it in other stuff later)


¼ C - Olive Oil

3 T - Apple Cider Vinegar

1 T - Lemon Juice

1 T - Honey

½ tsp - Garlic Powder

1 tsp – dried sweet basil

Sea salt and pepper to taste


Place cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocados in a large bowl and mix well.  Place dressing ingredients in a reusable jar or dressing container and shake well.  Add dressing ½ the dressing to the salad, mix well.  If others want to place the optional ingredients in after serving, do so and save the remaining dressing for extra or the next day.  This salad keeps well in the fridge for 2-3 days after the dressing has been added.