Summer Sausage and Sauerkraut Salad

Okay so last week was a salad recipe too!  I can’t help myself.  Summer is hopefully around the corner, although our weather around here would suggest otherwise lately, there is nothing I crave more than a nice cool crunchy salad in the summer.  This one is fun and tasty!  Plus, perfect for a barbecue!

Like I always say, nutrition isn’t about absolutes.  There is NO ONE WAY to eat healthy.  There is NO ONE DIET that can cure all.  In fact, professionals in the fields of medicine, nutrition, food, and cultures could argue that VARIETY is probably more beneficial as it relates to longevity.  I happen to agree.

Personally, I could do a better job spreading the love around.  I sometimes get into a routine and stick with it because it’s simple and there’s no guesswork.  But I’m working on it, trust me.  Regardless, variety is what our bodies need and as the seasons change so do our bodies.  Science is finding that even our microbiomes can change as the seasons change.  What doesn’t change is that our bodies still love a good healthy dose of probiotics.

I believe it’s more nutritious for us to get those probiotics through the food we eat rather than a supplement.  Once again, this isn’t to say a supplement is bad.  But it’s created to supplement what you may not be getting, absorbing or metabolizing through your own diet, genetics, environment etc.  Before we start supplementing our hearts out why don’t we try looking at what’s around us first.


In the spirit of variety, probiotics, and that of summer, I have pieced together this salad.  Sauerkraut is one of those new foods I’ve added recently to the rotation.  It’s also one of those superfoods containing probiotics and I consider it to be the German version of Kimchi?  No?  Either way, I’m loving it!  Any fermented or pickled food will have those good-for-you probiotics – pick one you like and try it!  And since there is no ONE WAY to a healthy life why don’t we dive in and have some really good food!  If we can enjoy what we’re eating, we’re more likely to stay consistent.

This recipe is for one.  Double, triple, or quadruple it to make a giant salad for the family.  OR make everything separate and serve it up like taco night.  Everyone can make it how they like it!  If you are watching your sodium intake go with a low sodium option for the sausage.  Also, I try to leave room for a little interpretation when it comes to recipes.  So, if you want a little more pepper, go for it, if you want no cucumber, leave it out!  The point is to build it how you like it. Okay, now go build it!


Summer Sausage and Sauerkraut Salad

Christina Fit and Balanced


1 – 1 ½ - mild Italian chicken sausage

2 – 3 - large crunchy green leaf lettuce leaves (or amount desired or other favorite leafy green)

2 TBSP – diced red onion

¼ - ½ Cup – chopped bell pepper (red and yellow)

¼ Cup – chopped cucumber

¼ Cup – garlic and dill sauerkraut (or another favorite flavor)


Cook the sausage on medium-high to high on a well-oiled skillet, I like to use about 1 TBSP of avocado oil.  You can cook it as suggested on the package.  The ones I purchased were already fully cooked, so I just needed to warm/brown them about 5 minutes on each side.  While those are cooking assemble your salad.  Bottom to top: lettuce, onion, bell pepper, cucumber, hold on the sauerkraut.  Place sausage on top of veggies.  Sauerkraut on top of sausage.  Top with your favorite dressing.  I simply drizzle with olive oil and red wine vinegar.  However, the dressing I posted in last weeks blog would go great with this one too!  In addition, the sauerkraut is very moist so go light with the dressing, too much can take away the flavor you want to enjoy!