Creating Time for Health (A Mom Necessity!)

If there is one thing, I hear the most from other moms when it comes to healthy living, it’s “I don’t have time” or “I just can’t find the time.” I, myself, have used that phrase pretty darn often for a multitude of reasons:

  • so that I wouldn’t have to visit someone or be near certain people (#truth),

  • to get out of cooking a healthier dinner and stop for take-out,

  • when something didn’t fit in the schedule, I deemed more appropriate,

  • when I didn’t see (whatever it was) as a priority,

  • when I was scared to do the work (“whatever the work may have been”)

  • when the truth was, I’d been spending way too much time on social media and Netflix

  • and the real kicker —> out of fear of failure.

 The truth is, we create time when it’s important to us.  I heard a phrase today “we are our priorities.”  Wow. Think about it.  What are your priorities?  What are the things in life that are most important to you?  Are you spending focused time on those, or are you spending it in other areas wishing you had more time in the day?  I feel like when you sit down and make a list of your top priorities it clears time and creates time simultaneously.  There it is on paper, something for you to look at and realize where time is being sucked and where you want it to go.  This simple activity also helps you make better decisions with how you do spend your time.

As a mom, “finding time” for anything is impossible.  Quite literally.  If I allowed myself to, I could spend every waking minute focused on my kids’– because they are, without a doubt, a MAIN priority.  But what happens in the process of that?  I lose myself, my health, my sanity, plus I become an example of something I would never desire for them!   By creating time for other priorities, you enhance the other areas of your life.  Your health and well-being aren’t selfish, they’re essential.

Your health and well-being aren’t selfish, they’re essential.

We must be proactive not reactive.  If we want to be healthy, we can’t just say “If I have time today.”  We have to look at each day, week, and month and say “what time will I…. (fill in the blank)” and then add it to our calendar as a planned activity. The truth is, we can’t create more than 24 hours, but we can use those hours wisely to help balance our well-beings.  Leaving things to chance, means there is a high chance it won’t get done.

The other day I heard a podcaster say, “Isn’t it funny how when you need to get something done the time just appears?” Well, not exactly, the truth is, you deemed whatever it was a NEED.  Look, this might sound harsh, but we ALL NEED to deem good health, A NEED.  Don’t you agree?  Look fellow mamas, I know it’s hard, trust me, I get it!  But dig deep, find that motivation, discover what it will take to make your health A NEED!  If you do, the time will most likely, appear.  Take me for example:  I have PKD, I felt taking care of myself became a NEED once I learned the that, mostly because I wanted to live longer with more quality.  Then my kids come into view, to think what their lives would be like if I wasn’t healthy (or for that matter, here!) is enough motivation for me to be my best. 

I’m a huge planner!  Sometimes that’s a good quality.  Sometimes not.  However, what I have learned is that having a plan, gives me the space I need to work in.  If the plan doesn’t go exact, I’ve learned that it’s quite alright, but I feel simply better having a plan in place.  Because of this small personality trait, I am constantly making lists, writing down to-do lists, and managing my schedule.  Most days lately, don’t go as planned.  In fact, I’ve even felt a little lost.  But that plan, keeps me moving and going.  Even if I only focus on one small thing that day, at least I did that one thing.  Had I not planned at all, I know for sure, there would be no focus, and I would just feel blah all around.

Leaving things to chance, means there is a high chance it won’t get done.

My husband, the ultra-entrepreneur thrives on efficiency.  Nothing should take longer than necessary and focus without distraction is imperative for success.  This rule applies here, but it also factors in the daily life of a busy mom, or any busy person.  Efficiency is just about time-management.  Do you ever try to teach this to your kids?  Like okay you have baseball on TUE/THUR so would you like to think about when you will do you homework and chores?  Same applies here, except we combine, time management with efficiency and multitasking.  Case in point:  No time to food prep? Make a healthy Sunday dinner and make lots of extra – (food prep done).  No time to exercise? Take your daughter to soccer practice, walk around the field.  OR divide it up – take a 5 min break at work every hour, do a set or 3, get back to work (moves and more in our Facebook Group – Fit and Balanced Tribe).  You get my drift?

Little bits add up to big bites.  For me, some days are just flat out chaotic.  Especially these last few months.  One thing I’ve come to terms with is that I don’t have to get everything done in one fell swoop – this drives the type A in me crazy!  But it’s truth.  Any “to-do” can be broken up into pieces.  If I have 15 minutes in the morning, and 15 at night, then that’s what happens.  This can be true for exercise, food prep, meditation or writing blogs!  Lately, me breaking things up has been the key to my success and my sanity!

Little bits add up to big bites.

The truth is none of this will matter if we don’t make it a daily effort.  It might not happen every day, I know it doesn’t for me!  But every day I make it an effort which in turn creates better habits.  Those healthy habits aren’t easy to create.  I know firsthand.  Sometimes we just don’t.  When we don’t, we look back at the NEED and Self-Compassion components.  It’s okay!  BUT, if we make it a daily EFFORT, meaning every day we try our best to be our healthiest, make time for healthier living, no matter what, we still succeed.  Over time, sometimes a LONG time, habits will begin to stick and a healthier you will emerge.

Daily effort equals daily success.

So, let’s review the list of what it takes to create health-focused time:

  1. Write it down: Create a list of priorities.  Make time for those things each day.

  2. Self – Compassion: Realize time for your health isn’t selfish, it’s essential.

  3. Be Pro-active not Re-active: It’s not IF you get to it, it’s deciding what time you WILL get to it each day.

  4. Make it a NEED: Ask yourself why 5 times.  What’s the result?  Tap into that motivation and make it a NEED. NEEDS get done.

  5. Plan NOT Chance: Create a daily, weekly, or monthly plan: schedule workouts, nutrition, meditation, prayer, journaling, etc.  Stick to the plan, the best you can.

  6. Think Efficiency, Time-Management, and Multi-tasking: Don’t try to create time out of thin air… just use it with purpose.

  7. Little bits = Big bites – Spread things out throughout the day, a little here, a little there.

  8. Make it a Daily Effort: Try, try, and try again and you will succeed.

Remember, it’s not about doing all these things.  It’s about finding the balance that works for you.  If one doesn’t work.  Try another.  And so on.  Even if just one works for you, then you are successful.  Even if you are just trying, YOU’RE successful!  So keep trying, don’t give up, and remember that you are worth every effort made.