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How Does It Work?

My goal isn’t to have you as a client forever. My genuine goal is to help you get started and then help you find a way to be successful on your own for a LIFETIME. That’s why I’ve started coaching in cycles. I find it helps hold people accountable to have a start point and end point. You can participate in one cycle or two, or more! I recognize that real change takes time, which is why, even though we work in cycles, there are advantages to carrying on to the next cycle if you desire. Because I work with everyone very individually and your plan is personalized, I’ll only be taking 4 people per cycle at this time. So don’t delay, connect with me today! Here are this year’s details:

2019-2020 Coaching Cycles

Cycle 1: August 26 - November 22

Cycle 2: January 13 - May 8

What We Work On Together

Phase 1: Seek to Understand - In this phase we define your goals and discuss where we need the most support (areas of struggle/challenge). We will identify nutritional habits through a variety of ways that suit your lifestyle best.

Phase 2: Food - We will look at food choices, eating behaviors, cooking, recipes, possible kitchen dive in, and learn to understand what’s in our food, and how our food affects us physically, mentally, etc.

Phase 3: Fitness - We will dive into physical fitness and activity. Together we will create a movement plan that fits your individual lifestyle based on time, goals, what you enjoy, don’t enjoy, etc.

Phase 4 & 5 - Time and Together - Learn how to create time, not find time, but create time to make yourself a priority. Learn to take phases 1-3, put them together, create the time, and implement into an ever changing life that requires balance. Also, we look back to see what worked and didn’t work in previous phases so that we can make adjustments to continue fitting a healthy life into our everyday.

Individual Attention

Each person gets individual attention. Weekly phone calls, video chats, emails, or any other form of communication that works best with your lifestyle. Plus, we stay in contact throughout the week for encouragement, support, and help in reaching your goals.

Who is this for?

Nutrition coaching is for the person that wants or needs:

  • additional accountability to reach their goals

  • support with overall wellness, weight loss, muscle gain, or any other goal

  • more knowledge in the kitchen with food and recipes

  • a positive partner to encourage them on their journey

  • to learn new ways to be healthy from the inside out

  • a healthy life without calorie counting and more balance

  • to stop dieting, and learn how to be healthy for a lifetime


$25 per week, with a commitment to an entire cycle

+ $35 one-time assessment fee

Become a Client

To become a client, it’s as easy as filling out an online form. I will personally reach out to you to give you more information and answer any questions. Plus, we can schedule an initial assessment to get you moving in a more balanced direction.


Stay connected

To receive a free worksheet on how to find where you need more balance, just sign up! Not only will you receive the worksheet but you will also be notified on new blog posts that include fitness tips, healthy recipes, and what I’ve found works in my own life.